RESIDENTS in Lymm decided to make a splash in showing their support for the NHS.

Chris McLean, her family and Becky Howarth who live in Maltmans Road in the village were deciding out how they could make a statement to show their gratitude to NHS workers..

Chris explained: “With the Bridgewater Canal right behind us it seemed a great place to hang a banner (high and safe) across the waterway.

“There are very few boats around at the moment but plenty of walkers.

"The banner is a great way to bring a little bit of colour into people’s lives as they enjoy their daily exercise, while also thanking the NHS staff and care workers, who are laying their lives on the line for the sake of us all. We also wished to show our appreciation to all the key workers and volunteers across the UK."

The huge banner was painted by Katie, Becky and Chris in the colours of the rainbow and with the NHS emblem at its heart.

Warrington Guardian:

Then Su Williams and Ben Brown put the finishing touches to the banner, before they all raised it high above the canal with the support of the trees in their gardens.

The banner has attracted hundreds of positive and admiring comments both from social media and passers-by.

Su added: “This has certainly brought us closer to our neighbours across the water.

“If there is one positive to be drawn from this terrible crisis it must be all those new bonds and friendships formed within our communities as people support each other through such difficult times.”