THIS Saturday Warrington Wolves should have been playing fierce rivals Wigan Warriors at St James’ Park in Newcastle in the Magic Weekend, the event in which a complete round of Super League matches are played over two days at one venue.

It is the eighth successive round of this year’s competition postponed due to the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, so instead sports editor Mike Parsons counts down his top 10 favourite moments from past Magic Weekend events that have taken place in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool as well as Newcastle since the first one at The Millennium Stadium 13 years ago.

See if you agree with him as we count down from 10 to 1 over the coming days and let us know if there’s any other moments you would have included.

Number 10: The 2010 game

To score 68 points on such a stage was truly magical.

Salford, who featured Wire’s current chief executive Karl Fitzpatrick at full-back, could not live with Tony Smith’s team at Murrayfield, Edinburgh, that day with Lee Briers and Richie Myler pulling the strings brilliantly in the 68-16 display.

Stand-off Briers, in fact, scored his 100th Wire Super League try in the success.

Warrington Guardian:

One of a brace for Richie Myler against Salford at Murrayfield in 2010. Pictures: Mike Boden

Warrington Guardian:

Nothing that Karl Fitzpatrick could do to prevent Vinnie Anderson touching down