Frank Lythgoe's weekly Warrington Anglers' Association column

IRRESPONSIBLE idiots think that it is alright for them to fish and that the Government Covid-19 restrictions do not apply to them.

On Tuesday two chancers were found fishing on Moore Quarry while earlier in the day I reported three to the police for fishing on the Sankey St Helens Canal at Carterhouse.

I really hope that the police fully exercise their authority to prosecute these persons in every case.

I’m continuing to delve into archived reports at this time while fisheries are closed.

This piece is an account by member Steve Cox who, in the mid-to-late seventies, fished the Bridgewater Canal fairly regularly.

He used simple float tactics with maggot or bread as bait.

Roach were the main target and a 10oz fish was a good one.

During one session he connected with something that was definitely not a roach.

In fact, it snapped his 2lb bottom with ease so he stepped up to 2. lb straight through and managed to hang on the next fish for a minute or two but lost it under a moored boat.

Determined not to be beaten the following weekend he was back on the canal in the same swim armed with a spinning rod and 4lb reel line tied direct to a size 10 hook and a basic leger rig.

He fished with a big piece of bread on the hook as close as he could to the far bank.

It wasn’t long before the bottle top he was using as a bite indictor shot up and the strike met solid resistance.

The fish shot up and down the canal for a couple of minutes but was soon lying in his landing net.

His first ever carp and absolutely chuffed even though it was only about 2lbs in weight.

Over the next three or four years Steve frequently fished the Bridgewater for carp.

The fish got bigger every year and soon his luncheon meat was being taken by fish around 8 or 9lbs and most visits resulted in two or three in a session.

He longed to catch a double and eventually landed one of exactly 11lbs not far from where he had landed his very first carp.

This same week in 2019 Dave Stansfield managed to slot in a brief two-and-a-half-hour session on Budworth Mere on the Wednesday where he half expected to ‘be going through the motions’ but at least he would be out in the fresh air. Well, with expectations not too high his catch of eleven decent roach with one he estimated at around the 1.5lbs mark plus a single bream were very welcome. Dave fished a heavy groundbait feeder and double red maggot.

Seven days later Grey Mist proved irresistible to returning member Bill Stanley who christened his new membership after a thirty-year absence from WAA with a PB tench of 5-12-0 and followed this up with a 6-10-0 specimen. A smaller one of 4-8-0 followed but then his PB went again for the third time with a fish of 7-6-0. He was very appreciative of fellow anglers who kindly put him on the right method and caught all his fish on maggot. Bill commented, “All in all a spectacular introduction to WAA.”

Also Tom Fahey had a half-decent day on Grey Mist but unfortunately, he had to cut the session short when his bed-chair collapsed and he injured his back. But not before catching a 21-3-0 mirror topped by another of 26-4-0 plus a tench just under 7lb. All caught on Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

WAA Headquarters at 52, Parker Street remains closed on Friday evenings until further notice. If you need any further information give me a call or email.

Your notable past catches or amusing angling stories are welcome. They will hopefully surprise or entertain fellow members whilst the country is in lock-down. Email or call me on 01928 716238.