MATTY Ashton is having to rehab at home in isolation but is staying positive.

The Wire full-back or winger, who says he has modelled his game on Australian legend Billy Slater, made a superb start to his Super League career with Warrington Wolves before suffering a grade three hamstring tear against Toronto Wolfpack in round four on February 21.

And now with the coronavirus lockdown, he is having to continue his recovery from the first serious injury of his career on his own following the guidance from distance of the club’s physios.

“The scan revealed it was grade three and that it was going to take 16 weeks,” said the 21-year-old former Swinton Lions ace.

“I went down to London an had an operation and then the first four weeks were basically on crutches, just a waiting game really.

"I struggled for the first week or so, watching the boys on Sky and being at home not being able to go to training.

“I’ve got through it and am six weeks into it now, staying positive and getting all my rehab done.

“I’ve got a bike here at home and the physio’s been giving me a load of stretches and stuff to do.

“I can just do it in my living room really but hopefully I’ll get on to some weights in the garden soon."

Ashton reflected on how the injury came about, and recalls yelling at the club physio to get him off the field.

"I think I was around the halfway line and it was the last tackle," said Ashton, who was the Championship top try scorer last season and caught the attention of a host of Super League suitors.

"Me being me, I decided to scoot and back myself. I made a little half break but realised I had to kick again and as soon as I kicked I felt it in my leg straight away.

Warrington Guardian:

Matty Ashton scoring his first Super League try for Warrington Wolves against Toronto Wolfpack before tearing his hamstring later in the game. Picture: Mike Boden

"I've never really been seriously injured before but I could really feel it.

"I screamed over to the physio straight away saying get me off. I didn't think he was going to so I gave him a bit of a spray.

"As soon I was off the field I knew what I'd done."

With circumstances being as they are with rugby league being suspended, by the time he is fit to resume playing he will not have missed as many matches as he would have done.

"It couldn't have come at a better time for me in that regard," he said.

"My dad keeps saying to me you've only missed two matches, but I just keep telling him I've got to get back into the team first.

"It's not really about a case of me coming back in, I've got to keep working hard while we're in this pandemic and hope for the best when we eventually turn up back at training."

He is pleased with what he produced in his first three games of Super League, against The Wire's fiercest rivals Wigan, St Helens and then newcomers Toronto.

Ashton was voted player of the month by the club’s fans, and was named in this year’s England Knights performance squad.

Primrose and blue supporters have been struck by his startling pace, but should also have been impressed with the way he 'pushes up' - supporting the player carrying the ball to cash in on offloads and exploding through spaces that are created.

"It was a good start. You really think how well you've done until you come off the pitch and you see all your mates texting you," he said.

"After that first game at Wigan, I really enjoyed it and came off looking at what I can improve on.

Warrington Guardian:

"Going over and seeing my dad and all the family at the side of the pitch watching me was a really proud moment.

"There's always stuff I need to improve on in my game.

"I never realised how much positional skill you needed to be a full-back until I turned full-time.

"Learning off the likes of Stef Ratchford really helps with all the positioning.

"I want to be known for a lot more than just my speed eventually. It's just about keep working on the positioning and show everyone what I can do with my other attributes."

Turning full-time professional is Ashton living his dream.

"My dad took me down to Rochdale Mayfield when I was about six or seven and ever since then I've been rugby mad," he said.

"I've always watched it every week on the tele, including the NRL on Saturday mornings - everything that's on.

"I was watching hoping one day I could become a professional and luckily that's what's happened.

"I'd say Billy Slater's been my idol, having watched him in the NRL.

"It's just the way he pushes with the ball and scores tries from anywhere.

Warrington Guardian:

Billy Slater scoring for Australia against England in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. Picture: Mike Boden

"I grew up watching him a lot and that's what I've evolved my game on really – picking up, following the ball everywhere and scoring some tries."

Ashton said he feels as though he is coping with lockdown life.

“Beyond the rehab, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and even bought the Tyson Fury book which is an interesting read,” he said.

"I've bought a PS4 and me and my mates are always on FIFA.

"Other than that nothing's really changed. I've been enjoying the sunshine a lot in the back garden."