ENGLAND Rugby head coach Eddie Jones has made a surprising guest appearance on Warrington under 7s rugby team's 'pass it on' video.

The youngsters have 'virtually' been demonstrating their catch and pass skills in a video they have produced in support of the NHS during the suspension of sport that has been forced by the global coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown.

And at the end the Australian pops up with greetings for the under sevens squad and to provide them with a few tips on how to keep up their

"The kids had no idea that Eddie was going to be on and so when we premiered the video on the parents Whatsapp group, both parents and players were in complete shock and amazement," said the Warrington under 7s coach Dave Evans.


"The comments came pouring in on how made up the players were and most of them since have been out in the garden whenever they can practising their core skills as Eddie had advised them to.

"It has given the whole team including coaches, players and parents a massive boost at such a difficult time for all."

Dave explained how Eddie's involvement came about.

"Eddie had heard through a contact that we were putting together a group video to support the NHS and as he is a massive advocate for grassroots rugby and the NHS he decided to do his bit and give up his time to help boost morale and inspire our youngsters which it clearly has done already," added Dave.

"This has been such a boost for our under 7s team and I feel it would be a huge boost not just for the rugby world and Warrington area but the nation showing how the head of RFU is still helping the grassroots of this amazing sport."