IMMORTAL Fitness Studios in Stockton Heath has launched live workouts to keep the community active during the coronavirus lockdown.

Luis Entwistle has owned and ran the fitness studios in the village for four years and wanted to use his expertise to keep people entertained and healthy.

He said: "I'm looking to support the community and surrounding areas as much as possible.

"Our Virtual Trainer platform offers live workouts for people to join via any electronic device, and follow an experienced personal trainer, while remaining motivated with our other members in the session.

"We are currently offering a free trial to 20 new members who are looking to stay fit and healthy while in lockdown."

The trial will offer people unlimited sessions with trainers and nutritional support through social media.

Luis said: "Don't let lockdown or isolation get in the way of achieving your summer body, growing in body confidence or dropping those stubborn pounds you've never been able to shift.

"This platform means you don't need to leave your house to do it."

You can sign up by visiting