NOTHING is off the table in discussions over when the 2020 rugby league season will restart.

Warrington Wolves chief executive Karl Fitzpatrick says players are keeping fit at home and will be ready to get straight back into matches when the Government's coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

The Wire have not played for almost a month since a win at Hull on March 12.

No decisions on a date for a resumption have been made, but with no end in sight for a lifting of the restrictions a major question mark hangs over the Challenge Cup Final in July and the season-ending Grand Final in October.

Fitzpatrick said: "It is very hard to say at this stage how the season will look.

"But the longer it goes on, you don't have to be a genius to work out that the season will need to be extended.

"What we say to fans it please stay patient, we will come out of the other side of this. We are planning to fulfil all our fixtures as it stands.

"But nothing is off the table for the rest of the season.

"We know they are doing it tough at the moment. We will look to repay their support when we are back playing."

For now, the players are at home – like everyone else.

And Fitzpatrick says they will be ready to go when the season does restart.

"The big thing for them is staying on top of the nutritional side and keeping the fitness ticking over," he said.

"We need to get started as soon as it is safe, we won't be going back into pre-season as we will need to start generating revenue quickly, so the players have to be ready.

"Coaches are speaking to them on a regular basis and we are conscious that some of the overseas players are finding it difficult being away from loves ones who are back home so Kylie Leuluai is in regular contact and keeping them updated.

"I have been speaking to the players at home. I spoke to Tom Lineham yesterday and he has actually dropped a couple of kilos.

"I have also been following them on social media and they all seem to be on the exercise bikes.

I spoke to Mike Cooper and he has a 20 yard back yard so he said when we get back, he will be devastating over 20 yards! Not sure how he will do longer than that.

"But seriously, the players have been great and they understand how important it is to stay fit."

The club is also doing it tough off the field. With very little money coming in, bills going out and a £2 million plus a year set of playing salaries to honour, these are difficult times for the sport.

Fitzpatrick said: "As a business it is very tough, there is a significant lack of liquidity coming into the business.

"It doesn't take a forensic accountant to see we have a significant cost structure here and a significant drop in money coming in.

"The majority of staff, playing and non-playing, are on furlough thanks to the great Government initiative.

"Ralph Rimmer (RFL chief executive) is doing a fantastic job working with the government to provide financial support.

"We want to work in partnership with the RFL. We are more than a rugby league club, we are part of the social fabric of the town and our communities."