A YOUNG couple have welcomed twin girls into the world during the coronavirus lockdown.

With news of the pandemic continuing to dominate headlines across the world, Tom Tocher, from Great Sankey, and Lauren Sunderland, from Orford, have brought much-needed hope and happiness to the lives of their families and friends following the safe arrival of daughters Luna-Louise Jennifer Tocher and Isla-Mae Alexandra Tocher on Monday.

And despite being eight weeks premature and Lauren having to spend 36 hours in labour,  both mum and babies are doing ‘exceptionally well’.

Warrington Guardian: Luna-LouiseLuna-Louise

Tom, aged 20, said: “The initial plan was that Lauren’s mum and my mum would be birthing partners alongside myself. But the current situation with Covid-19 and the fact the twins came eight weeks early made the situation very difficult.

“Not only did we have to do this alone during a scary time, but our families cannot now meet our girls and the challenges we face as parents are very different than what we had planned and envisaged.

“Leaving the girls at the hospital is hard enough but to only have one parent with them each day is heartbreaking and puts additional pressure on us.

“We both just want to sit with them together every day. But we are over the moon to have them here safe and sound and can’t wait for our own parents to meet them.”

Warrington Guardian: Isla-MaeIsla-Mae

Little Luna was the first to arrive at 3.08am weighing 4lbs 3oz, with Isla showing up just seven minutes later.

Premature twins often need special care in hospital and Luna and Isla are now expected to spend a short amount of time in the neonatal intensive care unit while they get used to life in the big wide world.

Luna is currently thriving, needing just a little bit of oxygen and a UV light to help her get strong. Isla, who weighed just 3lbs 8oz at birth, is being helped by a ventilator – although nurses are hopeful this will be a short-term measure.

Warrington Guardian: Lauren and TomLauren and Tom

Seventeen-year-old Lauren is now recovering after being admitted to Warrington Hospital on Saturday at 4.30pm.

After a long few days Tom said he could not be more proud of Lauren for giving them two beautiful daughters.

Equally proud grandmothers Jo Tocher and Laura Sunderland, Tom and Lauren’s mums, said they were hugely relieved by the twins’ safe arrival during what has been an anxious time for everyone.

Jo added: “Tom and Lauren have made us prouder than we ever imagined possible.

“Lauren’s strength and energy during labour alongside Tom’s emotional support for her and the babies has been overwhelming.

“They have managed to get through such a challenging and emotional situation at such a young age with real maturity and calm.”

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