RSPCA Warrington, Halton and St. Helens is appealing for donations to help care for animals which have been abused or abandoned.

The Slutchers Lane site looks after cats and dogs which have been through horrific ordeals, with their owners taken to court for their actions.

Despite cancelling all their fundraising plans to keep the public, staff and volunteers safe from the coronavirus, the team's work doesn’t stop.

The animal care team is working every day to treat conditions, feed the cats and dogs, and make sure they still get cuddles and exercise.

A spokesperson said: "Our branch staff and volunteers are so amazing; going above and beyond to continue to look after our cats and dogs.

"Their dedication and enthusiasm to provide the highest of care in these difficult times is inspirational."

This branch is separate to the national RSPCA, so by cancelling collections and events, the team is now facing a hole in funds.

You can support their work directly by donating to the JustGiving appeal at

A donation of £5 will cover a flea or worming treatment, £10 is the cost of a bottle of medicated shampoo for itchy skin, and £20 covers the cost of one day of an animal’s stay at the centre.

Find out more about the centre, news and events at