THE coronavirus pandemic has radically changed how the public across the world live their lives.

But how does it affect Warrington’s borough councillors with underlying health conditions, or some of the older figures with seats at the Town Hall?

Cllr Pauline Nelson (LAB – Birchwood), aged 76, is self-isolating but has carers coming to her home daily to look after her husband.

She said: “Both of us are on the at risk list as Barry has a weak heart and I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and had a third of my right lung removed due to lung cancer.

“Luckily, the care company have managed to purchase the correct personal protective equipment.

“I am not receiving as many enquiries from residents as I normally do.”

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Cllr Jean Flaherty (LAB – Fairfield and Howley), aged 66, and husband Terry, aged 72, secretary of the Friends of St Elphin’s Park Group, have also been self-isolating due to their age and underlying health conditions but are both well.

“We are maintaining our community networks using social media accounts which allow group calls,” said Cllr Flaherty, who has ischaemic heart disease.

“Our crafters are working on various projects for the end of isolation parties, I am providing short video tuition for novice knitters and sewers through these channels.

“By keeping in touch in this positive, sociable way, we are keeping morale high and making sure no one is having difficulties.”

Former council leader Cllr Ian Marks (LD – Lymm North and Thelwall), aged 71, confirmed he is also self-isolating and ‘rigorously’ following Government guidelines.

He says, apart from walking the dog, he is only going out if it is absolutely essential.

Cllr Marks added: “Residents are still contacting me but I cannot do what I would normally do, which is to go round and see them or go out to look at the problem they have raised.

“However, we can still talk on the phone and use e-mail as normal.

“As a community leader I do what I can to signpost people to where they need to go for advice and help.

“Here in Lymm we are very lucky because a number of volunteers have organised a group called ‘Leave No-one Behind’ to look after the vulnerable, the self-isolated and families needing support.

“On a personal level my diary is now completely clear, so I am using some of this freed up time to catch up on gardening, clearing out the garage, decorating and lots of other tasks I never have time for.”