THOUSANDS of leaflets have been printed in Lymm to make sure nobody is left isolated during the coronavirus campaign.

A Leave No One Behind in Lymm Facebook group has more than 1,100 members offering help to anyone who needs it.

A committed team of volunteers was immediately formed to drive the initiative through from the initial planning through to printing by Lymm Business Centre of almost 12,000 pieces of literature and then personally delivering these to each household in Lymm and Heatley in a week.

All volunteers were asked to provide ID along with personal telephone numbers and addresses.

Information sheets and cards with a hand written volunteer’s name, street address and mobile number details the support on offer for things such as deliveries, shopping for essential items, topping up their electric or gas key, emergency dog walking or a friendly telephone call. A centrally manned telephone response service is being managed by volunteers.

Graham Gowland, Lymm resident and member of the Parish Council said: “It’s great to see the whole community pulling together; residents, the Roundtable, the Parish Council and other local groups who are all keen to help. Over the weekend, hundreds of people have turned up at the new hub within the library to collect literature as Street Champions for their immediate area. It has been amazing.”

In addition to the information sheets, a dedicated website was designed with content written overnight by a team headed by Stephen Williams to provide support information which will be updated as the situation continues to change. Local businesses can provide details of available services and delivery offers for the community.

Already volunteers have been receiving calls from people who have been delighted to receive a card through their door and there have been requests for obtaining essential items.

Not wishing to leave any one in the immediate area feeling isolated, the volunteers have reached out to residents on the fringes of Warburton, Dunham and help has been provided to High Legh who will be forming a support group.