AS a result of the current Government Covid-19 directive backed up by the Angling Trust governing body advice, all our fisheries were closed to angling from Monday until further notice.

We had one idiot (other words spring to mind) set up the next night at Appleton Reservoir, obviously he had no thought for his safety or that of others and does not deserve to belong to any angling club.


Our governing body may make representations to the government at the three-week review stage but the situation remains as is until there are any published changes.

The bottom line is that it’s far more important to stay at home, keep safe and help beat this virus.

A blast from the past and most of the younger anglers won’t remember, but it is almost like turning the clock back about 25 years when all fisheries were closed from March 14 to June 16, but with the difference that then was when all the work took place to repair pegs etc whereas now we are confined to barracks.

However, there were a few lucky anglers who timed it right and managed to fit in a fishing visit before we closed all our waters.

Roy Hawksey fished at Statham Pool hours before in idyllic weather for the time of the year and reported a catch of a few roach plus a pike.

After a break of 15 years from Warrington Anglers, septuagenarian member Richard Lowton decided to have a couple of hours at Ackers Pit on Friday to try and get back into the swing of things.

He pole-fished at three metres with single red maggot on a 20’s hook to 2.6lb hook length and didn’t get a bite for the first hour.

He switched to pinkie and started to catch some small roach. Despite the chilly conditions, Richard thoroughly enjoyed his first day out as a returning WAA member.

Ray Boden’s Sunday Bridgewater Canal match at Boothstown saw more cracking catches with the maestro again taking the winner’s purse with 10lbs 5ozs 0drs of roach plus half a dozen rudd for good measure.

Ray fished the pole at 11 metres, alternating between caster and bread punch.

Neil Davies took second place weighing in 7-14-0 of roach using the same method. Chris Wray had 3-4-0 but lost two good bream.

Our Monday disabled and over 60s match was held on Woodshaw Reservoir where 14 regulars practicing ‘social distancing’ turned up on a lovely sunny day but with the usual freezing biting wind that seems to inhabit this fishery.

Match organiser Jimmy Byrne capitalised on knowledge gleaned from his recent practise visits with a weight of 4-11-0 made up of two crucians plus about 20 roach taken on red maggot between eight and 11 metres.

Stu Gibson was in second place also with a brace of crucians plus 15 roach for 4-2-12 caught on a small groundbait feeder and maggot.

There was a match within a match and a battle royal between brothers Ray and George Hollis, where they were catching fish for fish until Ray got the better of his sibling with 3-1-8. Well done Ray!

WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street remains closed on Friday evenings until further notice. If you need any further information, please give me a call or email as below.

Due our fishery closures there will be no current catch reports, so any notable past catch or amusing angling stories are welcome as there is not a lot happening. They will hopefully surprise or entertain fellow members while the country is in lockdown.

Email or give me a call on 01928 716238.

n Results:

Sunday, Bridgewater Canal, Boothstown: 1, Ray Boden 10-5-0; 2, Neil Davies 7-14-0; 3, Chris Ray 3-4-0

Monday, disabled and over 60s: 1, Jimmy Byrne 4-11-0; 2, Stu Gibson 4-2-12; 3, Roy Hollis 3-1-8; 4, George Hollis 2-12-10