WARRINGTON Wolves' Australian forward Jason Clark has revealed how he is keeping in shape for the resumption of Super League.

The Wire players are currently having to train at home while group sessions are suspended in line with Government regulations during the coronavirus pandemic.

"It’s hard to get the training I would normally do with the team," he said.

"The club was really good with us allowing us to borrow gym equipment without being too greedy.

"I’m trying to do some runs too and keeping on top of things.

"I also have a friend back in Oz who runs a gym and he does online sessions so I do them. About 6|7 at night I’m jumping around the house and doing burpees in the lounge."

Other than that, life for Clark runs around his family and he is getting to spend plenty of time with his three daughters during the UK lockdown which started this week for a minimum three weeks.

Keeping them entertained is tricky.

"My eldest is six, four and then my youngest is three, so to keep them entertained and busy is pretty hard," said Clark, who revealed his dad is in isolation in Australia having recently returned from a visit to Warrington.

"We aren’t in a rush to do anything though, so we aren’t trying to get them to put their socks on or get their jackets so it’s been a bit calmer in that way.

"It hasn’t been too bad yet, I know we are only a week in. Ask me in another four weeks or so, things could be different.

"We’ve played every game under the sun and every ‘I spy’ item in the house has been picked."

Clark explained more about his dad's situation and staying in touch with his wider family back in Australia, where Clark had spent his entire playing career with South Sydney Rabbitohs before joining The Wire at the start of 2019.

"Dad was over recently he went home about a week ago so he’s in isolation over there for two weeks," said Clark.

"He can’t leave the house so he’s been easy to contact, and he’s still jetlagged so I can talk to him at all hours of the day.

"I can only talk to the others either early morning or night. All are good over there though; it's not as strict over there at the moment, but in due time it's likely to head that way."

Family chores are keeping the family busy too.

"I’m definitely good on the vacuum now," he said.

"There’s not one bit of dust now, my wife’s had me working round the house.

"We’re getting a schedule for the girls’ schooling too. My eldest is in year two so getting her into a routine, our middle girl is in reception so just doing the basics to keep on top of things and then our youngest runs around distracting everyone, keeping us on our toes.

"They have all been really good for us at the moment. They sort of understand the situation, we told them everyone in the world is going through this it’s not just them stuck in the house."

Rugby league is never far away from mind though for all the family, and not just when dad is busy training.

"As a player playing for so many years it’s hard to really switch off from it 24/7," he said.

"On social media with no sport around the NRL and SL are pushing it a lot to still be out there which is good.

"I’ve been watching a few clips here and there. The girls have clips of my previous South Sydney games which they flick on which has been good to watch; bringing back the old days."

And teammates are only finger tips away.

"We have our WhatsApp group to keep up the banter," he said.

"I know there’s been a few little challenges that have been set. All the boys seem good.

"It’s been good to see the boys trying to stay in shape seeing little things on social media. Big Joe Philbin I think has been leading the way; I don’t think he’s had a day off!"

Clark concluded with a key message for fans and the Warrington community.

"Understand that everyone in the world is going through it," he said.

"Don’t stress with panic shopping. Go about your every day life when buying and stay inside as much as you can.

"Follow the guidelines the government has set as they have been set for a reason by smart people.

"Keep your hands and environment clean, and get that daily bit of exercise; the way your body reacts to exercise is always positive, it’s good for your mind and body.

"These tough times that Super League is going through is showing how strong we are and will make it even stronger when we get through this."