A SPATE of vandalism at parks in the north east of the town has continued.

Police and firefighters launched a joint operation in the area last month after a worrying rise in arson attacks and anti-social behaviour at sites in the Orford, Poplars and Hulme and Poulton North wards since the start of the year.

But Geoff Settle, of the Friends of Enfield Park, says that this trend has continued.

Signage in the Cinnamon Brow park was torn down by vandals, while a boardwalk near the pond in Peel Hall Park was torched.

Warrington Guardian:

The former Mayor of Warrington said: “This park sign had already been damaged by green paint, but last week the heavy sign was removed by forces unknown.

“This cannot have been an easy task, as I had to carry is back home and I had to take four rest breaks – plus carrying it on my head has left a bruise – but in the current climate I didn't want it going up in smoke.

“Meanwhile, following the local community clean up in Peel Hall Park the boardwalk by the pond has been torched.

“I have made the police aware of both incidents, but I imagine that they are already on their radar.

“Please keep reporting stuff as it is enabling the police to catch those doing such mindless acts.”