THE council is looking to employ residents to help with the gap in adult social care as the coronavirus stretches resources.

Care providers across the town are working tirelessly to support the most vulnerable residents in these challenging circumstances.

As the situation unfolds, the council is drawing on the skills and experience of the community to plug the gaps in care – particularly over weekends and Easter as it approaches.

Warrington Borough Council leader, cllr Russ Bowden, said: “These circumstances are changing daily, too, but they are being responded to magnificently. It is a testament to all our carers that services are continuing to operate, despite staff having to self-isolate and look after children.

“We are doing all that we can to support our carers.

“The council is in regular contact and we regularly escalate some of the key issues they raise to the highest levels in central government. Issues such as the lack of protective equipment need to be addressed.

“We know providers have been helping each other out and sharing where they can, but this remains an ongoing problem that needs a solution - fast.”

They want to train and provide temporary paid employment for motivated people as quickly as possible.

Doing this will support local care providers to maintain essential front line community services in the care sector.

The fast-track training package will equip willing people with the essential skills they need to deliver care and support.

Information on how to register your interest will be made available at shortly.