WARRINGTON Foodbank has hailed the generosity of people in the town as its demand ‘rocketed’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The charity, which is located at Tanning Court industrial estate close to the town centre, was forced to double in size in October to cope with demand.

Project manager David McDonald thanked residents across the borough for their ongoing help.

He said: “Even though people were panic buying and there was not a lot on the supermarket shelves, the generous people of Warrington have still supported Warrington Foodbank and for that we are so thankful.

“The public continue to support us through difficult times.”

Mr McDonald confirmed the charity is currently short of shampoo, sugar, dry pasta, tins of beans, tins of spaghetti, tins of carrots and washing up liquid.

He said: “Those are our main items for this week, but that changes.

“Since Tuesday of last week we noticed a vast increase in demand, normally we would see somewhere between 125 and 150 families a week in normal circumstances but we are now looking at 280 families a week coming to us, mainly as schools closed and children are staying at home with parents staying at home with them on a reduced income or no income at all.

“The demand rocketed overnight.

“I also want to thank our volunteers who, despite Government guidelines, are still prepared to come and serve the people of Warrington.

“Obviously, what we have said to all our volunteers is you have a free option of either coming in and helping us, or if you feel you must self-isolate then please do, there is no hard and fast rules, we are all volunteers and all must make our own decisions.

“Some of our volunteers have gone into self-isolation and that is fine.

“As companies have closed downs, people are offering to volunteer with us, there is a younger generation that is looking to help us.”

Mr McDonald also revealed the charity is looking to establish a home delivery service to reduce risks amid the coronavirus outbreak.

He added: “People are coming from everywhere, there is not a council ward in Warrington that doesn’t use the facility including from affluent areas, such as Grappenhall and Appleton.”

To contact the foodbank call 07583 080521.