SCHOOLCHILDREN in Burtonwood have been using the power of art to explore equality and diversity.

This unique creative project introduced pupils at Burtonwood Primary School to current issues surrounding LGBT, disability and mental health, with the hope of displaying artwork in the community.

Barry Corcoran, from Splash, Children's Art and Design, said his art workshops were an exciting and relevant way to introduce children to these topics, giving them the opportunity to express themselves.

He said: "Here at Burtonwood Primary School all key stage pupils have been working on a major art project addressing current issues of equality, diversity, LGBT, disability and mental health agenda in an exciting and relevant way.

"Pupils across key stage one and key stage two have been involved and challenged not just by the theme, but what direction we should express the theme, for example, design and composition, materials, and display.

"Our art exhibition was due to take place this month at the Gateway in Warrington’s town centre.

"However, due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus, it is with regret that the art exhibition will no longer take place.

"Pupils of Burtonwood Community Primary School hope to exhibit their work in the near future."