THE councillor responsible for leisure and community believes the town’s community centres could bounce back ‘bigger and stronger’ following forced closures due to coronavirus.

The closures form part of a raft of measures that have been brought in across the country to stop the virus, which has been declared as a pandemic, spreading even further.

But cabinet member Cllr Tony Higgins (LAB – Fairfield and Howley) is hopeful about the future.

He said: “Even though our community centres are temporarily closed in guidance from public health, I know that many neighbours are helping where they can to support their vulnerable neighbours.

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“This must been done safely for all concerned and with huge consideration to their personal safety and the wellbeing of those they wish to help.

“Our centres sit at the very heart of our community and will continue to do so, possibly in a bigger and stronger manner, when this situation clears.

“We have a strong and robust relationship with our communities through our centres and I’m more than confident it will be the same in the future, in fact they will be needed more than ever before after this situation.

“I’m extremely proud of the community neighbourhood team who have responded quickly to this challenging situation, they have always been on the front line and will continue to do what is needed in a safe and controlled environment.”

But Cllr Higgins admitted he has been left disappointed by those in the town who have resorted to panic buying from supermarkets.

He added: “What is unhelpful is the urge to panic buy, not only is it unnecessary, it places many of our more vulnerable residents in a more serious situation, causing undue panic and stress.

“It’s just a simple case of buy what you need and remember those who are less fortunate.

“We are fortunate in Warrington that we have a strong community and this will soon be witnessed again once we are all through this serious situation.”