A YEAR six leaver who had his time at primary school cut short was on track to achieve 100 per cent attendance.

Jack Ryan Blakeman was devastated when he learned he would leaving St Bridget's Catholic Primary School four months early, after never missing a day.

The 11-year-old, from Padgate, finished school on Friday following the government's decision to close all schools in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Jack's mum, Charlotte, said: "He’s never had one single day off school since the age of four.

"Now as UK schools are shutting he has no choice.

"Myself and Ken Blakeman, and his brothers Brandon and Harvey are super proud of him.

"His teachers are very proud of him too."

Jack is due to start at Cardinal Newman Catholic High School in September where he will carry on with his love of football and maths.

It is not just Jack who is gutted to have finished school early.

Charlotte explained: "His brother has also just finished year 11 so hasn't been able to sit his GCSE exams.

"It's all for the best at the moment.

"It won't be forever and soon they will be able to reap the rewards."

The Blakeman family is one of countless families across Warrington now staying at home while the coronavirus pandemic is on-going.

Those due to sit GCSE and A-level exams will have their grades calculated on their predicted performance.

Children of key workers will still be attending school to allow their parents to carry on with their jobs.