WALTON Hall and Gardens is to remain open but further restrictions have been put in place to minimise risk of the coronavirus being transmitted.

As infection continues to spread, a lockdown is tightening and the park's management team have urged residents to 'stay indoors where possible' but the grounds can be used to 'get some fresh air and stretch your legs'.

The play area is staying open for now and will be regularly cleaned by staff and youngsters can still visit the zoo with 'greater control measures'.

But the Heritage Cafe and Adventure Golf are both now closed until further notice and visitors are urged to keep a two-metre social distance from other individuals.

A spokesman for Warrington Borough Council said: "We ask all residents to ensure that they are following the national guidance to work from home and to stay indoors where possible.

"However, we understand there will be occasions where you will want to leave your house to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. If you visit a park or garden, we ask that residents continue to follow the two-metre social distancing advice.

"If you use play equipment at any park, please wipe it down before and after use, if you are able to do so. The council will also be regularly cleaning play equipment.

"At Walton Hall there will be greater control measures regarding entering the children’s zoo and the adventure golf is also closed until further notice. Again, please ensure you are following the social distancing guidance at all times.

"The safety of our residents is and will always be our biggest priority. This is a time to support others by following the recommended preventative measures."