HOME Bargains has pledged a £30m fund to support staff members during the coronavirus pandemic.

The high street retailer announced on Twitter it will be financially supporting staff who may need to self-isolate during the outbreak.

A statement added: “Thank you for your amazing work during this unprecedented time.

“We want you to feel secure during this turbulent period, so we have created a £30million Coronavirus Fund to financially support you during the outbreak.

“This will include paying staff that need to self-isolate for up to two weeks by maintaining their pay during this period, and to support team members in high risk groups that need to isolate for longer periods.

“If staff do not need to self-isolate between now and December they will be paid two weeks’ extra salary, so they do not miss out.”

A second announcement for customers said staff were 'working round the clock' to keep stores open.

Shoppers will now be limited to how many items they can buy and the first hour of opening would prioritise 'vulnerable customers'.

The statement adds: "Please could non-vulnerable customers not shop during this hour."

Opening hours generally vary between 8 and 8.30am depending on the store.

You can check your nearest store's opening hours by clicking here