THE Daresbury Park Hotel could soon be offering supplementary hospital accommodation for patients throughout the coronavirus crisis.

The hotel, in Red Brow Lane, is one of 60 Britannia Hotel properties which could help to reduce the stress on hospitals.

Britannia Hotels has advised the government that it is willing and able to provide these measures.

The hope is to help meet the challenges of the coming months and to free up valuable bed spaces for critical care during the pandemic.

A spokesperson for the group said: "We are uniquely placed to provide extensive support accommodation for hospitals or care homes during this difficult time.

"Our hotels are large properties situated in key locations throughout the country,

"We can provide building with 600 beds in cities such as London, Manchester, Coventry, Folkestone and Scarborough, and many other regions- more than 60 properties in total.

"It so happens that some of our hotels were already under active consideration for possible conversion into private health and social care facilities.

"Although these plans were at an early stage, we believe that the schemes were certainly feasible.

"This crisis affects us all and we believe we can offer an immediate practical response to assist the healthcare providers.

"We are in a position to help and would welcome the opportunity to do so."