RESTAURANTS, cafes and pubs are facing unprecedented and very worrying times as we isolate ourselves and limit social interactions following the coronavirus outbreak.

With this in mind, we are now looking to help support any business in the hospitality industry who are struggling to make ends meet due to empty tables and a sharp decline in footfall.

If you have adapted your food service from a sit-in restaurant format to a takeaway with collection or delivery, we can publicise the new offering in a listings-style article on the Warrington Guardian.

Similarly, if you are a butcher, baker, brewery or other food and drink producer or provider that has introduced a new delivery service in Warrington we would like to hear from you.

We may also be able to do a larger feature on your eatery in the coming weeks depending on space, the volume of demand and how things change with the pandemic going forward.

To get in touch simply click the contributions button below and tell us a little about what you do and how you have adapted your service. Feel free to send a photo or two.

Has your restaurant launched a takeaway service following the coronavirus outbreak?

Tell us how you have adapted your food service to a takeaway with collection or delivery

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