A BEAUTICIAN has been allowed to keep her licence despite being caught speeding 20 times in only two months.

Georgia Carney, from Widnes, was repeatedly stung by speed cameras on the M62 between junction 11 at Birchwood and junction 12 at Eccles – where the speed limit has temporarily been lowered from 70mph to 50mph – last summer.

In doing so, the 30-year-old racked up an astonishing 66 points on her licence – receiving three per breach, and having already had six points.

The mum-to-be was twice clocked at 80mph in this zone in her Audi during the period between June and August 2019.

Carney, of Dundalk Road, argued that a ban would cause her ‘exceptional hardship’ as she would not be able to carry her equipment on public transport.

Warrington Guardian:

The Manchester Evening News reports that the self-employed beauty and nail technician runs courses at salons across Cheshire and Greater Manchester, as well as to clients’ houses.

Solicitor Nicky Johnson told Manchester Magistrates Court: “In the face of it, she wasn’t aware of the fact she had fully flouted the speed limit because of a delay in her receiving the summons.

“She would not be able to rely on public transport because of the places she is working and travelling to and from.

“It will be very difficult practically to transport the amount of equipment she has with her, which are essentially the tools of her trade.”

Carney was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay £115 in court costs.

Sentencing, magistrates panel chairman Kin Cheng said: “You have come to court with a record offence.

“In all my magistrates career, this is a record for me, honestly.

“We have studied all the evidence presented to us, the career you have built up and the fact you rely on your own transport for all your equipment.

“You have amassed a total of 60 points, but we still allow you to drive and find you have special reasons to do so.

“Miss Carney, you need to slow down.”