A MUM-OF-TWO children who both have autism says shopping for their food has become impossible due to stockpiling.

Shireen Hu is mum to 15-year-old Khovan and six-year-old Raqayya who both attend specialist schools.

Raqayya will only eat specific foods because of her autism.

Shireen, from Dallam, said: "My kids will only eat specific food and it is impossible to get as shelves are emptying because people are panic buying.

"It isn’t fair.

"My son isn’t as fussy as my daughter but my daughter only eats a certain pasta from Tesco.

"Tesco’s own brand red pesto is her main meal source.

"Raqayya will eat toast and Coco Pops, but the pasta was a hot meal choice for her.

"Until the last few months she only ate German salami, toast and bread sticks.

"It was massive that she introduced this new food and now I can’t get it."

The items Shireen usually buys her children are sold out online and in-store.

She added: "I understand people wanting to stock up a little extra, but for it to be unavailable means people are probably buying months worth of dry food supplies.

"I think it is sensible to add a few extra dry food items to every shop in case of illness or emergencies but there is no need to buy the whole supermarket."