A RETIRED science teacher has been jailed again after a seventh victim came forward to police with details of his sexual abuse in the 1970s.

Michael Wilde, of Drake Close in Old Hall, appeared before Liverpool Crown Court for a fourth time today, Monday to face charges relating to another pupil under the age of 13.

The boy, who was aged 12 at the time, was abused by Wilde during science lessons and in the gym during PE.

In March last year, the victim visited family in Widnes and was chatting to a taxi driver.

When they drove past Wade Deacon High School in Widnes, the taxi driver mentioned that a teacher had been jailed for historic sex offences.

The victim then researched what happened in court online and it was at that point that he realised Wilde had not been 'entirely truthful' about his offending.

He then contacted police with three incidents of abuse from when he was a first and second year pupil.

Cheryl Mottram, prosecuting, said: "The first incident took place during after school science club when Wilde approached the victim from behind and slid his hand under his trousers.

"The second time, the victim was in a chemistry lesson where pupils were conducting experiments.

"The boy inhaled too much gas and started coughing, Wilde took him to a back room out of view of other pupils.

"He unzipped his pants and groped the boy who was still coughing."

During the boy's second year at high school, Wilde, now aged 70, groped him again during a PE lesson.

Due to 'strict rules' pupils were not allowed to wear underwear or swimwear underneath their PE kit.

Wilde, a married dad-of-three and grandfather, accepted 'that it would have been something he used to do'.

The man felt he could not tell anyone at the time as he didn't understand what was happening and did not think he would be believed.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, he said: "After the abuse started I had low self-esteem and felt alone and uncomfortable.

"I never thought child abuse could take place at a school with such a high academic reputation.

"I had sleeping problems and became so uptight that I developed health issues which I still suffer with.

"I do not trust senior male figures and I still cannot believe other staff members did not pick up on his activities."

The court was told details of Wilde's previous offending during the 1970s in which he touched and groped boys during science lessons and PE.

In cricket practice, Wilde would 'insist' on fitting cricket boxes on the boys and touch them sexually.

As a result of newspaper articles which reported on Wilde's convictions, other victims began to come forward.

Jeremy Rawson, defending, said: "Wilde is now a 70-year-old man who has served three prison sentences and retired from teaching ten years ago.

"He has been assessed as someone who is at low risk of reoffending.

"He now has significant health problems but is able to serve a custodial sentence.

"As a result of a massive publicity campaign he has paid significant damages to his victims.

"Wilde is regretful of his actions and has shown remorse.

"He finds himself in a very sad position - he stayed at the school for the whole of his career and helped many students achieve better things."

Judge Rachel Smith said: "There was clearly a breach of trust in this case.

"At each stage of the investigations you were asked about any other defending and you did not provide names, dates or specifics.

"You were a long-standing member of staff reduced to being convicted of sexual misconduct."

Wilde was jailed for 12 months.

An NSPCC spokesperson said: “Michael Wilde abused his position of trust to sexually assault young boys who would have expected to be safe in a school environment.

“No child should ever experience sexual abuse, and we would encourage anyone who has, no matter when it took place, to speak out and seek support.

“The bravery shown by Wilde’s victims in speaking up should be commended as, by doing so, they encouraged others whose lives were devastated by his actions to come forward and see him brought to justice.”

Children can contact Childline on 0800 1111. Adults who wish to report abuse, or who are concerned about the welfare of a child, can phone the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 8005000.