GREAT Sankey Parish Council has objected to controversial plans to extend Omega site on green belt land in Bold.

The plans, submitted by St Helens Council, outline the proposal to build a warehouse and offices for Home Bargains with a further outline application for additional warehouses at a later date.

The Home Bargains application includes on-site parking for 576 vehicles and loading facilities for 383 HGVs.

The proposed building would measure approximately 449 metres in length and 221 metres at its widest and say the new warehouse would see around 3,000 jobs created at the site.

Access to the development will be via the existing Omega roads network.

Peter Watson, chairman of Great Sankey Parish Council, said: “Over recent years, the parish council have regularly been made aware of resident's concerns regarding traffic problems, particularly HGVs, using residential roads.

"The council believes that the volume of additional traffic generated by this development will be to the absolute detriment of our community.

"We have regularly made Warrington Borough aware of these concerns.’’

The parish council says it received no formal notification from St Helens of the application despite previous written requests to be included in consultative processes.

The objections have been lodged on the basis of insufficient detail in the local plans, inadequate traffic management and the use of green belt land

Peter added: “The full documentation is only accessible on St Helens Council website under reference P/2020/0061/HYBR and comments must be submitted online.

"It is hoped that despite the short notice, residents will be able to support us by also lodging their comments in opposition.’’

Deadline for comments is Tuesday, March 10.