COMMUTERS in Warrington face some of the worst train delays in the country.

Using data released by Network Rail, software provider RotaCloud analysed the punctuality for all trains and stations in the UK for the last year and have revealed the country’s best and worst stations for late-running services.

If you’re boarding at Warrington Central, there is a 51.6 per cent chance that your train will be late and if you are travelling from Warrington Bank Quay, there is a 56.8 per cent chance that your train will be delayed.

Warrington Bank Quay is one of Britain’s 500 busiest rail stations and ranks 18th worst in this list for lateness.

Out of all 2,566 British rail stations, it ranks 396th for lateness.

The 500 busiest stations have more than 50,000 train stops.

If you’re boarding in Warrington West, there’s a 42.8 per cent chance that your train will be late.

Out of the top 20 worst performing stations for punctuality, 13 are in the north of England.

These lateness figures are based on an average punctuality across the year, however at peak times the percentages can rise as high as 72 per cent for Lancaster.

The most punctual train station goes to Cardiff Bay in Wales with almost 94 per cent of all trains that pass through it doing so on time.

Out of the top 20 best performing stations, 15 are in the south of England, with eight of those in Essex and six in London.

Two Merseyside stations also made the top 10.