AN 11-year-old animal lover from Lymm has launched a small pet hotel to give owners peace of mind while they are on holiday.

Daisy Begley combined her love of animals with the opportunity to make some extra pocket money.

Lymm Luxury Small Animal Boarding provides a home-from-home for animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice and ferrets.

Daisy said: "I have always loved animals and have grown up with dogs and cats since I was a baby.

"I was finally allowed to get a hamster last year and I love playing with her as she is so tame.

"I am excited to have my own business caring for other small animals so I can meet lots of different species and keep them happy while their owners are on holiday."

Warrington Guardian:

Daisy's mum, Jenny, said the idea came from a family member telling Daisy about a hamster hotel they used.

Jenny explained: "We thought, there's nothing like that in Lymm.

"Daisy's a little bit of an entrepreneur, she's always trying to find ways to make money.

"She loves animals and she's always grown up with them.

"We have three cats, two dogs and a hamster."

Jenny has also provided fostering services to Cats Protection.

She said: "Both Daisy and I understand how difficult it can be to leave your precious pets while you are away and aim to provide a service that will reassure pet owners that your animal is in safe and loving hands in a home-from-home environment.

Warrington Guardian:

"All aspects of pet care will be provided including feeding, cleaning, playtime and cuddles, to suit each pet’s unique requirements.

"All pets will board in our spare room, providing a safe, warm and comfortable environment.

"It seems like a service that people need around here.

"We've had some really positive feedback."

Boarding costs £2 per cage per day.

For more information, visit Lymm Luxury Small Animal Boarding on Facebook.