THOSE wishing to influence change across Warrington can join a special conversation working to tackle important social issues.

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) is a UK-based charity aiming to bring about positive changes communities.

A ROC Conversation event will now take place in Warrington to both celebrate aspects of the community and explore practical ways of doing more.

Debra Green OBE, who founded ROC in 2004, explained: "We are a community engagement charity and we do these events all over the UK.

"We have been commissioned by Cheshire Police to do the events across Cheshire, one of which is in Warrington, to bring as many people as we can under one roof to collaborate and identify social issues which need to be addressed.

"We can all make a difference to the community."

The Warrington ROC conversation will take place next month, in partnership with Cheshire Police, Warrington Borough Council and other Warrington-based organisations.

Those attending can discuss what is currently available, where there are gaps in provision, and see what each person present can offer to bridge these gaps.

The event is mainly aimed at the central six areas of Warrington including Bewsey and Whitecross, Fairfield and Howley, Orford, Latchford and Poplars and Hulme, although those from further afield are still welcome to attend.

Debra is hoping to attract 300 people to join the conversation.

She said: "It's a structured two-hour community engagement.

"It's quite a fun social activity and people usually go out saying they loved it.

"We ask people at the end of the evening if they would like to be part of an action group, a multi-agency approach."

These actions groups help to bring about positive change in the community.

Debra explained: "For example, we're doing a lot of work with Mcdonalds.

"Widnes Mcdonalds offered their restaurant as a community centre so we could have hub meetings there.

"It's all about utilising the resources available."

Other community changes which have been bought about by ROC Conversation events include buildings being offered to community groups and tackling homelessness.

All members of the local community can attend; school and youth representatives, church and faith groups, emergency services, councillors, MPs, volunteer groups or anyone with a desire to positively impact the community they live in.

The Warrington ROC Conversation will take place on March 11, between 7pm and 9pm, at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

You can book online at

To find out more about ROC, visit