TERRACE Bistro is thanking customers for their support, well wishes and concern after having to close its doors on Valentine's weekend.

The executive head chef Phil Daley, who has type one diabetes, collapsed in the Stockton Heath restaurant and was rushed to hospital after he went into diabetic hypo at about 3pm on Saturday.

Former Priestley College student Marc Smith, who runs the Terrace, said: "We had to cancel every table but everyone has been amazing and fully supportive of our decision and also Phil.

"Phil was the main concern for us, his health is paramount and we wouldn’t have the success we are having without him so he needed the time to rest and recover.

"Phil’s on the mend now and is feeling much better and I can’t believe the outreach of support he’s had. He’s a bit of a celebrity now in the village and it’s so nice to see the support."

The Terrace will be reopening on Tuesday and a 'Valentine's Revisited' menu is on offer on Friday and Saturday to 'make it up to those we let down'.

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Marc added: "We did have a plant based tasting menu booked in for this Saturday but we’ve decided to postpone this event and open it up as a Valentine's Revisited and invite the guests back that we had to cancel."