DRIVERS have been issued a warning after a motorist was caught doing 90mph with three young children in the back of the car during Storm Dennis.

Strong winds throughout the weekend meant motorways had warnings on signs across the network while a reduced speed limit was also in place at times.

After stopping a car spotted doing 90mph through the difficult driving conditions on the M6 last night, Sunday, North West Motorway Police officers were stunned to find three young children in the back of the car. 

The car was stopped between junction 20 (Lymm) and 21 (Woolston) on the M6 northbound.

A spokesman added: "Three young children strapped in child restraints in the rear of the car doing 90mph with the weather conditions as they have been?

"Could you stop in time? Safely?

"And are you willing to take that chance?"

The driver was issued with a TOR (Traffic Offence Report).

Anyone caught doing between 91 and 100mph on a motorway could face being disqualified for seven to 28 days from the roads or 4-6 points on their licence.