YEAR five pupils who were treated at Alder Hey are raising funds to give back to the doctors who cared for them.

Children from Bradshaw Community Primary School in Grappenhall came together to sell sweets, cakes and toys for the children's hospital, inspired by three of its pupils.

Selena Anstee stayed at the hospital after she discovered she had a rare condition called RAS which means she can have seizures.

She said: "Whilst I was staying they gave me a butterfly craft kit, it gave me a distraction to all of the actual things that were going on.

"It would be amazing if I could give back the money to treat other kids like me.

"All the money our stall raises will go to things like that craft kit and towards other equipment and research they do."

Mia Persoglio spent time at Alder Hey from the moment she was born.

The year five pupil explained: "I had three heart surgeries there - one at five weeks old, one at three months and one at four years old.

"The doctors and nurses helped make me feel better and fixed my heart.

"They made me feel safe and happy in the hard times.

"I hope we can raise enough money to help make things easier for children like me and my friends."

Alder Hey is one of the largest children's hospitals in Europe and cares for more than 330,000 children, young people and families every year.

Another of these young people is Ruby Powell who is still supported by Alder Hey for juvenile arthritis.

She explained: "Alder Hey Hospital help me manage my arthritis by giving me medication and regular check ups.

"The doctors are friendly and make me feel welcome.

"Alder Hey help loads of children like me every day and so I would like to raise money and donate it to say thank you."