A COUNCILLOR who often cycles from south Warrington to the town centre fears she will get knocked off her bike.

The Government has pledged £5 billion of new funding over the next five years to improve bus services and cycle links in England, outside of London.

The news was highlighted by Cllr Paul Warburton (LAB – Chapelford and Old Hall) during Tuesday’s supporting the local economy policy committee meeting.

He asked David Boyer, the council’s director of transport and environment, if it presents an opportunity for the Labour-run authority’s recently adopted local transport plan four (LTP4) to be funded.

Mr Boyer said he was pleased that local transport featured in some of the Government’s announcements but told members he ‘needs to go through the detail’.

He added: “The devil is in the detail, very often, for these funding packages.

“We are reassured it is new funding, sometimes it can be repackaged funding.”

Cllr Judith Wheeler (LD – Appleton), who frequently cycles from the south of the town to the heart of the borough, expressed her fears over safety.

Warrington Guardian:

Cllr Judith Wheeler

She said: “There is still no safe way to cycle from south Warrington to the town centre.

“The swing bridges are a problem but trying to cycle to a meeting at the Town Hall at six at night, through Stockton Heath, one day I will come off.”

Mr Boyer highlighted the walking and cycling-related plans in LTP4.

He did ‘not disagree’ with Cllr Wheeler and acknowledged that there are some ‘easier to use’ and ‘harder to use’ routes in the area.

The Town Hall chief said strengthening connectivity from the south of the borough into the town centre is key.

He added that ‘we have got work to do’ and ‘securing funding will be key’ to plans.

For further information about LTP4 visit warrington.gov.uk/LTP4