A ‘RADICAL’ home will be built within a woodland setting in Lymm after councillors gave the plans the go-ahead.

The remarkable application to construct the one and a half storey property, on Higher Lane, was passed by the development management committee on Wednesday.

Bedrooms will be located within the sloped roof area.

A total of 23 trees are expected to be lost, with 65 new ones to be planted.

Speaking against the application, Cllr Anna Fradgley (LD – Lymm South) said she has ‘very grave concerns’ about building taking place on the site.

She said: “If this building was in the middle of the woods then I would be commending its design but I believe that it’s not going to be in harmony with the suburban local area, it’s totally out of keeping and this is a material concern.”

Warrington Guardian:

The site in Lymm

Ian Pleasant, from application agent Jay Ashall Partnership, told the committee the scheme has evolved over the past 16 months and that the proposal would deliver a ‘unique’ house.

He said: “The design is different to the immediate properties, however, the site is different to the immediate properties and, therefore, we feel the design put forward responds to its setting well.”

Committee member Cllr Bob Barr (LD – Lymm North and Thelwall) described the area being home to ‘scrubland’, rather than woodland, because it has been ‘neglected’.

He said: “It is a radical building, there’s no doubt about it, it’s not like any of the other buildings on Higher Lane.”

The land in question was planted as a woodland coppice ‘well over 100 years ago’, according to planning documents.

Committee member Cllr Judith Wheeler (LD – Appleton) also put her views forward.

She said: “Once that woodland goes, it goes, it is not replaced.

“I think we should be protecting as much greenery and woodland in our town as we can, not to lose it to one house.

“I don’t have a problem with the design of the house, I actually think it is very nice.

“But it is going to be at the expense of woodland we will not replace.”

The application was approved subject to conditions.