WARRINGTON South Constituency Labour Party (CLP) has passed an anti-war motion following concerns over the ‘critical’ situation in Iran.

The motion said the CLP believes a further war in the region would be ‘catastrophic’ regionally and globally, while putting UK citizens ‘at risk of reprisals’.

The resolution was to elect a new Labour leader who will ‘continue the stance of Jeremy Corbyn on internationalism, socialism and anti-war’, along with supporting a ‘mass anti-war movement opposed to war on Iran’.

It also called for the ‘demand’ for an independent foreign policy based on peace, justice and human rights to be pursued.

Geraldine O’Connell, Warrington South CLP member and local campaign organiser for Stop The War, said she was proud after the motion was passed.

She added: “The situation re Iran is still critical and hangs in the balance.

“We must be prepared to oppose Trump’s belligerence by continuing pressure on our Government.

“Stop the War is now the most popular grassroots movement among the Labour membership and our message of anti-war is now the public narrative.”

As reported last week, Warrington South CLP has nominated Sir Keir Starmer to be the new party leader.

Members also voted to nominate Angela Rayner for the deputy post.

The ballot will open on February 21, with the result to be announced on April 4.