LYMM High School Sixth Form has scored the best A-level results in the borough, Government figures show.

The sixth form's average grade was a B- but more than 20 per cent of pupils achieved a total of two A grades and a B grade, or higher.

This is followed by Barrowhall College at 10.9 per cent, Priestley College at 6.5 per cent and Bridgewater High School Sixth Form at 4.8 per cent.

Lymm's progress score also topped the chart for Warrington, with its students making the most progress between the end of key stage four and the end of their A-Level studies.

Gwyn Williams, head teacher at Lymm High School said: "Our A-level results have been consistently strong for a few years now but it is always lovely to see young people fulfilling their potential and staff knowing that their hard work has paid off.

"We have an incredibly committed and talented Head of Sixth Form in Mrs Hayley Jennings and she really helps to set the tone for success.

"Expectations in the sixth form are very high and students know they have to work hard, but there is also a great deal of genuine care for their well-being and attention placed upon supporting them as individuals.

"Of course, excellent results don’t necessarily mean much in themselves and we are probably even more proud of the fact that so many of our students are able to go onto their first choice destinations.

"For example, around 40 per cent of the last year’s cohort are now studying at the prestigious Russell Group universities, which is an exceptionally high figure and is a reflection of the superb support that Mrs Jennings and her team provide."

Birchwood College came just below the national average A-level grade of C+, with students achieving a C-.

The average grades for Kings's Leadership was a D+ while UTC Warrington students achieved a D- on average.

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