A 'WONDERFUL' mum-of-two was found dead in bed by her partner following a night out in the pub.

Emma Lewis, from Walton, died in July 2018 and a murder investigation was launched.

Warrington Guardian:

The 44-year-old was discovered by her partner of 10 years, Gary Fitzmaurice, following a night out at the pub.

On Wednesday, Cheshire Coroner's Court heard how he woke up to find Emma unresponsive in bed next to him and carried her to the floor in an attempt to start CPR.

Mr Fitzmaurice called the emergency services at 8.30am to the cottage on Holly Hedge Lane as he realised 'nothing could be done' to save her.

Due to the 'unusual' circumstances in which Emma was found, police treated the case as they would a murder and interviewed witnesses and analysed phone records and CCTV.

Warrington Guardian:

46-year-old Fitzmaurice was arrested on suspicion of murder but six months later, police confirmed no further action was to be taken against her partner.

He told the court: "When she had an anxiety episode she would become quiet and struggled to leave the house.

"When she had a drink it would usually result in an argument.

"She had told me once before, within 12 months of her death, something like 'don't think I have never though about taking my life'.

"We had been to the pub the night before, I drank around eight to 10 pints and I don't remember anything after leaving the pub.

"I woke up the next morning and glanced over my shoulder and thought Emma seemed to be in a strange position."

Warrington Guardian:

Pathologist Johnathan Metcalfe confirmed there were no signs of an assault or a struggle.

A high concentration of alcohol was found in a blood sample and details of the pub visit accounted for this.

Doctor Jain, Emma's GP at Stretton Medical Centre, told the court how she had been treated for anxiety and depression since joining the practice in 2012.

She had been 'on and off' antidepressants and was receiving cognitive behavioural therapy before her death.

Emma's mum Jean, told the court she had 'no concerns or worries' about her daughter and when she had seen her the day before her death, she had been 'happy'

She said: "She was laughing and joking, playing around with her daughter who she loved to bits.

"I had no concerns about Emma at all.

"She was so happy that day it was lovely.

"Emma never mentioned anything about taking her life or harming herself.

"I worried when she was down and low but she always came back around and was happy to be with us.

"I could never see her doing anything like that, she had two children.

"I just miss her."

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At the time of her death, her devastated family released a statement which said: "As a family we have been devastated by the tragic loss of our daughter.

“She was a wonderful mother, daughter and sister.

“Her death has been hard to come to terms with.”

Warrington Guardian:

Emma Lewis

Inspector Kate Tomlinson, told the inquest that a thorough investigation took place due to some 'unusual findings' at the scene.

Once DNA evidence had been confirmed alongside the pathology report, investigators were able to confirm there was no third party involvement.

Coroner Heath Westerman ruled Emma's death as a result of suicide by hanging and offered his condolences to her family.

Warrington Guardian:

He said: "There was absolute no forewarning that this was about to take place.

"It is clearly a very tragic death of a much-loved mother and daughter."

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