WARRINGTON'S status as a Fairtrade borough has been renewed.

Fairtrade supporters gathered in the market to celebrate the news, with the venue chosen because it is currently hosting a new art instillation depicting Fairtrade producers and some of the products they grow.

Warrington has had its Fairtrade status renewed for a further two years in recognition of the borough helping to support better working conditions for farmers and workers throughout the world, through shopping choices and awareness.

It has been awarded the status continually since 2006.

Rev Caroline Batey, a member of the Warrington Fairtrade Steering Group, said: “It’s been a great start to the new year for Fairtrade supporters in Warrington.

“When awarding this status, the Fairtrade Foundation commended the availability of Fairtrade products in Warrington shops and catering outlets, the high level of support from the council, local people, businesses, faith groups and schools, and the activities of the Fairtrade steering group.”

To get involved in Warrington’s Fairtrade activities or for more information contact Mavis McDonnell by e-mailing mmavis@aol.com