AN emotional appeal to help a 34-year-old woman – who lost two siblings and her dad to diabetes – pay for her own funeral has raised more than £13,000 in a week.

Suzanne Shipley, from Great Sankey, was still mourning the loss of her sister Claire in October when she was given the heartbreaking news that she had just weeks to live.

Her mum Rose is still paying for Claire’s funeral, so a fundraising page was set up in the hope of easing the financial burden for her.

And since the Warrington Guardian first publicised the appeal last week, readers and the community have rallied to raise thousands of pounds for the family.

Suzanne said: “Dying is so strange. It has really shown me the true kindness of humanity but I also think people shouldn’t wait to tell others they care or for a tragic situation before we show kindness to each other.

“We should always try to be this way. I sound like I’m preaching but I include myself in this, I didn’t always tell the people I loved that I cared and I wasn’t always positive and happy all the time.

“Being in this situation now I’ve realised you shouldn’t hold grudges or feel bitter towards others because in life it really does steal from your own happiness, your own peace.

“I don’t want to have to say goodbye to friends and family and I’m terrified of dying and leaving behind those I love, but I want everyone to know this has eased my mind so much and how grateful I am.”

Suzanne was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was 14.

Warrington Guardian:

As a result of the illness she has also suffered with neuropathy and retinopathy and underwent a kidney transplant donated by her mum Rose.

Suzanne had to have her lower leg amputated after contracting sepsis in 2017.

But she was given the devastating news before Christmas that her kidneys had failed and due to other health conditions, no further treatment could be offered.

Suzanne, a former Great Sankey High School pupil, was given two weeks to live but she has defied the odds and is still fighting four weeks on.

Her dad Graham died many years ago following struggles with type one diabetes and the same illness also caused her brother, Stephen, to go blind aged 19 before his death at 31.

Warrington Guardian:

Suzanne with nephew Carter

Jo Tocher, a close family friend who works at the Guardian and set up the fundraising page, said: “Suzanne, her mum Rose and sister Laura are the nicest people you could ever meet and deserve so much more than what they are dealing with right now.

“Hearing how upset Suzanne is, worrying about funeral costs when she should be spending her last few days at peace, fell quite heavy on my heart.

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported them.

“Although the target has been achieved the main emphasis now is that Rose is looked after.

“Rose is such a kind, caring and strong person. She has always remained the engine of the family and the years ahead will be very difficult.

“People have been so generous and it means the absolute world to Suzanne.”

The surplus donations will be used to treat Rose and Laura to some time away with their family to recuperate.