A FOUR-year-old fascinated by Australia has raised £300 in true kangaroo style to help those affected by the bushfire crisis.

Spencer Powell, from Lymm, was upset when he discovered that his favourite country was being destroyed and wanted to help save the trees and animals.

Spencer’s mum, Charlotte Johnson, 31, said: “He had an assembly at school about Australia.

“He wanted to help so we decided to do a little sponsored event on Facebook for the Australian Red Cross.

“He was hoping to raise £50 but he got even more than that!”

Spencer raised £300 after spending three hours outside jumping on his trampoline, which his family say is a testament to his loving personality.

Charlotte explained: “For his age he is quite aware of these kinds of things.

“We are so proud of Spencer’s thoughtful fundraising venture and admire how, at such a young age, he understands the importance of looking after our planet and shows great empathy for those less fortunate than himself.

“Spencer has a kind, caring nature and has loved looking at plants and animals from an early age.

“As soon as he could walk Spencer would notice new shoots growing in the garden and would love hunting for bugs in the park.

“He certainly has the makings of a little eco warrior!”

Spencer, who attends Oughtrington Primary School, was proud that he completed 400 bounces during his fundraising event and is excited to share his achievement with his classmates.

He added: “I didn’t even think I could do more than 200!”

The youngster would love to visit Australia and see his favourite animal in person- a koala.

Until then, Spencer enjoys his visits to Chester Zoo and even though there are no koalas, he likes visiting the rhinoceros’.

The reception pupil, who wants to be a scientist when he grows up, is busy learning about the rainforest at school.

The family are even pulling together to stop buying as many products made with palm oil.

Spencer explained: “Lots of people are chopping the trees down to get palm oil.”