YOU can now pay to have your green bin collected this year – with the price going up for the third straight year.

The service will return on March 3 and costs residents £35 if they sign up online or £40 if they pay by phone or in person.

It runs until December 4.

The £35 is £3 more than last year and £5 more than when Warrington Borough Council started charging for the service in 2017.

Residents who subscribe get their green waste, including grass, flowers, plants, leaves, clippings, cuttings, weeds and other garden waste, collected every two weeks

A spokesman for the council said: "Local councils don’t have to offer a kerbside collection service for garden waste.

"A few years ago we had more money coming from the government into our revenue budget, and we could pay for garden waste collections. Now, there isn’t enough money.

"So instead of shutting down the service completely we still offer it to those who want it, for a small fee."

You can register by clicking here.