'DANCING Chris' has been banned from entering Warrington town centre after being described as 'a drain on police resources'.

The 64-year-old, whose full name is Christopher Berry, appeared in Warrington Magistrates' Court on Friday so a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) could be considered.

For years, police in Warrington have been called to incidents involving Berry, as PC Graham Davies testified.

Warrington Guardian:

Speaking during the hearing, prosecutor Peter Wilson asked PC Davies how he knew Berry.

PC Davies explained how Berry had been a constant fixture in his career since he joined the force in 2005.

He told the court about a number of incidents since June which were chosen to show a snapshot of Berry's behaviour, including drunk and disorderly, urinating in public, making violent threats and getting involved in fights.

PC Davies said: "His favourite line is that he will call up the IRA to carry out violence on his behalf.

"Eventually he will do it to the wrong person."

The CBO application follows Berry's conviction on December 9 for being drunk and disorderly, when he received a fine.

It would prevent Berry, of Lovely Lane, from entering Warrington town centre which PC Davies said was paramount due to the large footfall in the area and the disruption Berry causes to not only the public, but also businesses.

The proposed order would also prevent him from being drunk in Warrington or carrying an open bottle of alcohol, to not cause harassment and alarm to others and to follow up with alcohol treatment and support from Pathways.

PC Davies added: "If no CBO is issued he is just going to carry on as he did before.

"We need to help him to help himself, and we need the CBO to do that."

Speaking about Berry's nickname, 'Dancing Chris', PC Davies added: "A lot of people used to see him in Chester Road.

"He'd get intoxicated and dance.

"That's given people an unrealistic image of him but they don't know him like the police know him.

"People need to understand that he is a vulnerable man who presents a risk."

Gary Schooler, defending, said Berry does not have a home to go to, yet he is dependant on alcohol as an alcoholic.

He told the court that the terms of the proposed order would set him up to fail as he would be almost certain to resort to drinking in public.

To comply with his CBO, Berry must not enter Warrington town centre apart from arranged appointments that will help him go about his life, such as visits to his solicitor and Pathways.

He must also not act in a manner which will cause alarm and distress to others.

Magistrates' decided that it would not be viable to adequately enforce and patrol Berry's visits to Pathways or for him not to be drunk in public.

Although neither are set out in the CBO, both are advised.