PENKETH Parish Council have agreed to spend £56,000 on renewing children's play equipment on Greystone Recreation Ground.

There will be new play equipment and extra litter bins.

Parish council chairman Dave Simm said: "It's great news that we have been able to spend this money on the play area.

"We have been saving up for a number of years and we can address the tired look of the equipment which was installed 15 years ago."

At the same meeting, the council considered improving the grass cutting and hedge maintenance schedules on the area.

It also passed a motion to agree to double the amount of trees on publicly owned land in line with the Friends of the Earth Climate Change Action Plan.

Cllr Simm added: "Penketh Parish Council was ahead of its time in 2013 when it took a decision to 'green up' Penketh.

"Working with Warrington Borough Council, we planted trees all down the dual carriageway and on Doe Green Island.

"Measurements taken before and after show that emissions along the A562 were lower after the trees were planted.

"Pledging to double the amount of trees in our area will really help the climate change challenge.

"This season we plan to plant trees in Penketh Gardens, Greystone and Withenshaw Recs and replace the centrepiece tree on Doe Green island.

"We also have a commitment to replace the large tree that we lost outside the health centre."