A TEENAGER threatened to petrol bomb his mum's house after she was late meeting him in town.

The 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, left his mum fearing for her life after trying to break into the family home.

The youngster appeared at Warrington Youth Court on Wednesday to be sentenced for two charges of assault on his mum, one assault on a police officer and a threat to damage property.

Adam Warner, prosecuting, said: "On October 3, the teen's mum asked him about drugs she had found in his bedroom.

"He shouted at her to 'shut her mouth' before calling her a 'grass and a slag'.

"His mum was scared of his aggression and left the room to get a cigarette from the living room and call the police.

"He then kicked her with both feet and told her to 'get the f*** out of here now'.

"The police were called as he lunged at her and spat in her face.

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"He went outside before trying to kick the front door down."

A police officer arrived at the property and the teenager became aggressive towards him.

He said: "I'm not going in the house d*******" then punched the officer in the chest and kicked him while being arrested.

On October 18, the boy's mum agreed to meet him in Warrington town centre.

She was running late and rang him, to which he replied "so you've got me waiting around like a f****** d***."

He returned home and rammed his bike into the front door and into his mum's legs.

His mum told police that he went 'berserk' when she told him she was not going to reward his behaviour and take him into town.

The boy said: "If you were a man, I would stab you" and then took her debit card saying, "I'm going to buy what I want."

He made his way out of the home and because she was scared he would hurt her, his mum called the police.

The boy then tried to climb through the first floor window and grabbed his mum's arm she went to close it.

He shouted: "Wait til you see what happens to this f****** house tonight, it will be petrol bombed."

His mum told police that if he had managed to get through the window, he would have killed her.

In a victim impact statement, she detailed how he threatens her on 'a daily basis and is out of control'.

She said: "I have been pushed to my limit.

"His behaviour always escalates and I always give in.

"We were evicted from our last property because he damaged the walls and smashed cupboards.

"He told me he wished I had died.

"I have asked for help repeatedly from the early interventions team and CAMHS but they said he does not meet the requirements.

"I am heartbroken that it has gone this far but I genuinely fear for my life.

"I told my mum that her next phone call might be 'your daughter is dead', he scares me."

However, the woman did not seek a restraining order against her son.

The boy has previously been cautioned by the court for an assault on his mum.

David Robb, defending, said: "He has never breached his bail conditions or made contact with his mum since the incidents.

"He wants to re-establish a relationship with his mu m who he describes as 'the most important person in my life'.

"He has a positive attitude towards his vocational course and regrets his actions."

The bench of magistrates agreed that he was 'starting to understand' things more since his trial.

The teenager was handed a 12-month rehabilitation order.