AFTER years of teaching residents how to sew, Dolly's Sewing School is taking its next steps with a new owner.

Linsey Williams put her heart and soul into making the Academy Street school what it is today but she decided it was time for her to pass the business on.

Rebecca Shalliday, who attended one of Linsey's first ever garment making courses, took over the newly named Dolly's Craft Room in December and is ready to make it her own.

The 25-year-old said: "Before, it was mainly sewing lessons but now we're doing a bit of everything.

"I'm trying to move away from it just being sewing and open it up to all crafts."

Rebecca has experience teaching knitting and crochet and wanted to move back to Warrington with her family after living in South Wales for a few years.

She is aiming to establish Dolly's as the perfect shop for crafters.

She said: "I always wanted to have a wool shop so this is the next best thing.

"We're selling haberdashery, fabric, designer yarns- things you can't get at big retailers.

"It does pay to support smaller businesses and shop local."

Rebecca has always found crafting a good way of unwinding and says that it is a perfect break from the stresses of everyday life.

She explained: "It's really mindful and I think it's good for mental health.

"I know there's a big push out there to get people to take up hobbies.

"With this, you're so distracted with what you're doing that you don't have time to think about other things.

"People also do it for the social aspect as well."

New Stich and Bitch sessions are on offer where people can bring their own projects to work on by hand while chatting with others.

Dolly's also offers private tuition, creative classes, garment making and beginners sewing machine classes.

Children's classes have proved incredibly popular and there is currently a waiting list for places.

There are also birthday party options for youngsters including t-shirt painting, slime making or learning to sew your own cushion.

For more information, visit Dolly's Craft Room on Facebook or