A REVIEW into bin collections and staff numbers will take place following concerns over overflowing bins in Appleton over the Christmas period.

Cllr Judith Wheeler (LD – Appleton) says it happens every Christmas and is calling for ‘creative thinking’.

The bins, which have now been emptied, included those located on Clydesdale Road and at Dingleway.

Cllr Wheeler said: “I think the issue is that every year the schedule for litter bin emptying causes problems.

“The domestic bin collection service works perfectly despite the bank holidays.

“The council’s attitude that bins will be emptied on the next schedule just doesn’t work.

“The past Christmases have seen good weather so there are lots of families out walking and people out and about, so the council know there will be litter created but don’t do anything to future-proof overflowing bins. And dogs always need walking.”

Cllr Wheeler also said, despite budget cuts, it is ‘not difficult’ to combine emptying schedules or to redeploy staff.

She added: “This is not asking the impossible, just common sense.”

The council confirmed bins in the area were emptied on December 3, December 12, December 27 and January 6.

It has asked residents to take large items of waste and bags of rubbish home and dispose via their personal bins, rather than in the public bins.

A spokesman said: “The council currently empties over 1,300 bins across the borough both on roads, shopping precincts and parks.

“Over Christmas, the service operates with a reduced level of staff due to Christmas leave.

“The street bins are designed to support residents with reducing levels of litter, refuse and waste being dropped on streets.

“The council will review both the collection regime and staffing levels to maximise the efficiencies of the service.”