AN INNOCENT member of the public was punched to the ground on Bridge Street before being kicked in the head by a teenager who had 'lost it'.

The serious assault left the victim with a broken collarbone and forced him to take six months off work after surgery.

On Monday, Liverpool Crown Court heard how Patrick Mazur, aged 19 at the time and Adam Wilson, aged 26 were arguing in the town centre in July 2018.

CCTV showed Mazur walking backwards down Bridge Street with his shirt off, in an apparent confrontation with another group of men and women who were walking towards him.

Mazur, of Tilston Avenue in Latchford, was flanked by two women who were pulling him away from another man.

Both groups walked for some time down Bridge Street before Adam Wilson hit Mazur in the face, which sparked the brawl.

The 20-year-old, who was 19 at the time, then threw punches at several people before attacking an innocent bystander.

He was punched to the ground before Mazur kicked him in the head.

The victim suffered a broken collarbone which required surgery and a metal plate, followed by months of physiotherapy.

Warrington Guardian: Liverpool Crown Court

Liverpool Crown Court

He had to be signed off work for six months and still suffers from anxiety, the court heard.

Police arrived at the scene quickly and the pair were arrested.

Christopher Taylor, prosecuting, told the court how Mazur, a former NHS security officer, was punched first but his assault that followed was on a 'completely innocent man' who was not part of either group.

Mazur told police he took his shirt off 'to prepare for the worst' when he saw the other group approaching him.

He admitted the victim was not a threat to him when he was punched and kicked.

Wilson, of Fir Grove in Padgate, was also interviewed and told police they had been drinking heavily there had been an earlier altercation between himself and Mazur.

The alleged behaviour had not been caught on CCTV.

Mazur appeared in court to be sentenced for GBH and affray while Wilson faced an affray charge.

Mr Gaskell, defending Mazur, said: "He expresses remorse at the incident. He was not looking for trouble as the CCTV footage shows him backing away all the way down Bridge Street before he overreacted to the first punch.

"He has a good work record and hopes to find more employment soon."

Mr Lennon, defending Wilson, said: "He has never been in trouble before but faces a serious matter.

"He understands the court will take a dim view of this kind of behaviour.

"This kind of violence is not welcome by anyone in Warrington.

"He says he had been a victim of assault by Mazur before the CCTV.

"He is greatly ashamed of his actions, it was completely out of character for him.

"When showed the CCTV he told police he was embarrassed and appalled by his behaviour.

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"Mr Wilson is determined not to put himself in this position again, he is a trainee civil engineer and has been described as 'punctual, professional and a valued employee by his boss.

"The prospect of immediate custody is terrifying for him as he knows he will lose his job."

Judge Thomas Teague QC, said: "It has been said on one your character references that 'everyone deserves a second chance' but they don't always necessarily.

"It is an easy thing to say but it is not always true.

"The footage shows Mazur backing away but you Adam Wilson followed him and sparked this disgraceful outbreak.

"Patrick Mazur, you lost it and lashed out at random people and punched a passerby and kicked his head which was very serious.

"You then remained aggressive for some time but it was out of character for both of you.

"Wilson you were older and should have known better."

Mazur was handed a 12 month detention sentence suspended for two years and ordered to carry out ten days of rehabilitation activities and 240 hours unpaid work.

Wilson was given a six month sentence suspended for 18 months and ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

Both defendants must pay £1,000 to the victim in compensation.