MORE than £2 million of the planned cost to deliver the Western Link has so far been spent on purchasing properties that will be ‘blighted’ by the scheme.

In April last year, the Government confirmed it will put £142.5 million towards the controversial project, with the council planning to contribute £70.2 million.

However, the final business case still needs to be submitted.

The bypass would connect the A56 Chester Road with the A57 Sankey Way in Great Sankey.

Statutory blight is when the value of a property is reduced because of large-scale works – which could include noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke and artificial lighting-related issues.

In a scenario where it is deemed the project would have a severely detrimental effect on a property, the council could be required to buy it at full market value.

The Labour-run authority confirmed some properties at Baronet Mews in Lower Walton have been bought, as part of six accepted blight claims.

A spokesman added the total amount of money spent on Western Link blight claims so far is £2,051,000 – which is included in the £212.74 million project cost.