A DRUG dealer has been jailed after police discovered a video of him rapping about his involvement in the supply of cocaine.

Zac Edgar and Dale Redrobe were brought down as part of the investigation that also nailed high profile Warrington drug bosses Jamie Oldroyd and Jamie Simpson.

Today, Friday, the pair were handed imprisonments of six years and three months and 21 months respectively.

The covert Operation Dreadnought caught Redrobe exchanging a package of illicit class A substances with Oldroyd on the car park of Birchwood Shopping Centre.

Meanwhile, Edgar was involved in the trafficking of large amounts of high purity cocaine from Warrington to Lincolnshire.

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During the investigation, Cheshire Police searched the 24-year-old’s phone and discovered a video of the dad-of-two rapping about his drug dealing activities.

In the video, Edgar, from Scunthorpe, is heard saying: “I’m ducking under covers bruv, cos them are trying to hit me.

“But I keep it close knit G and I supply the banging white to all you local nittys.

“That’s why they trying to get me, but they can never stop it so I ain’t never stopping.

Warrington Guardian:

Zac Edgar

“I’m just mixing packages with packages until I get my gwop in.

“Week after week I supply in with a new stack, and like clockwork the same night I’m dropping off a new pack.

“The cycle never ends dog but neither does the paper, so why the f*** don’t I get it now so I can live life later?”

Both 31-year-old Redrobe, from Liverpool, and Edgar admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine during an earlier hearing in October.

Liverpool Crown Court heard this afternoon that Oldroyd gang member Marcus Lewin, from St Helens, met a relative of Edgar’s while serving a three-year sentence for possession of a firearm at HMP Ranby in Nottinghamshire.

Lewin then linked the Warrington-based racket to criminals in Scunthorpe, with 1kg amounts of high purity cocaine delivered by couriers Kyle Kelly and Joel Reading to Edgar on at least three occasions between March and May in 2018.

Redrobe first met Oldroyd working for the latter’s Pro Lease Vehicle Hire business, transporting luxury cars.

But he was caught by police swapping a suspicious package with his boss near to Asda Birchwood in March 2018, with cocaine passed from Oldroyd’s vehicle to Redrobe’s.

Warrington Guardian:

Dale Redrobe

These drugs were later dealt on the streets of Merseyside.

Sentencing, judge Robert Trevor-Jones said: “It goes without saying that those who involve themselves in any way with the supply of class A drugs can expect to go to prison for significant periods.

“Overall, this conspiracy was a substantial organisation involving a great number of individuals.”

Members of Oldroyd and Simpson’s two cocaine rings were jailed for more than 150 years in total during 2019.

Operation Dreadnought initially focussed on Oldroyd, from Birchwood, who was the head of a network of drugs couriers and safehouses across the town.

He hid his criminal dealings behind the façade of his luxury car company, but ended up running up debts with drug lords higher up the chain, who fired gunshots at his mum and dad’s house and petrol bombed his brother’s sweet shop.

During the course of this 14-month investigation, Cheshire Police became aware of Oldroyd’s friendship with Simpson – a drugs trafficker who he worked alongside in the criminal underworld.

Warrington Guardian:

Jamie Oldroyd and Jamie Simpson

He was arrested during a sting on the M6, during which £20million of cocaine was seized – one of the biggest hauls of illicit substances recovered by police in the UK.

Oldroyd was handed 14 years and three months behind bars, while Simpson, from Padgate, is currently serving an 11-and-a-half year sentence.